Osmosis Treatment For Boats

Osmosis treatment for boats

At Frank Halls & Son Ltd, Walton-on-the-Naze, we provide you with high-quality osmosis treatments for yachts, cruisers and other types of boats.

Established osmosis treatment centre

To book your vessel into our osmosis treatment centre, telephone Frank Halls & Son Ltd today on 01255 675 596.

Osmosis treatment process

boat osmosis
  • Lift the boat from the water
  • Peel to remove the existing gel coat
  • Grit blast to prepare the surface prior to the treatment
  • Steam clean and dry the hull
  • Apply solvent free epoxy fillers to rebuild the surface
boat with coat applied
  • Sand and profile
  • Apply coats of solvent free epoxy primer to manufacturer specifications
  • Apply last coat of epoxy primer
  • Apply antifoul as advised
  • Apply final coat of antifoul
  • Relaunch
For more information on osmosis treatment for boats in Walton-on-the-Naze, call
01255 675 596

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